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Why "Fireside?"

President Roosevelt's famous Fireside Chats were designed to be heard through the radio of American family's as they sat by the fire in the calm and relaxed setting of their homes. The founders of Fireside Distributing Company have enjoyed many memorable evenings with friends and family's while relaxing by the fire sharing good stories and great libations. Whether huddled around a warm campfire with friends or nestled in front of the fireplace with a loved one, Fireside is a place where relationships are bonded and memories are made. Fireside Distributing Company takes pride in the relationships we have built with our retailers and suppliers and hopes that our customers can continue to make memories by the fireside with one of our great products.

Our Company

The Company was founded by lifelong Tennesseans Randall L. Bennett and John H. Fields.

John Fields has more than eight years of experience in the retail wine & spirits industry. John designed, opened, and operated one of the largest premium, high-volume wine and spirits stores in Middle Tennessee, in Brentwood. Fields’s knowledge of wine and spirits, purchasing, management and his understanding of the Middle Tennessee marketplace is crucial to the vision and success of the company.

Randall Bennett has 10 years experience in the management of a privately held technology firm. His operational experience and technical background in implementing inventory, logistical, and sales systems has allowed Fireside Distributing to track its operations on a real-time basis. His involvement in the distribution of products to both retailers and wholesalers is critical to the future enhancement of the platform that Fireside Distributing Company operates.

Both men grew up in the Memphis area, and began their professional careers as analysts and salesmen in the financial services industry.

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